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don't think we can, senator. i think this needs to be a department of defense activity. i think we need to scale this up and get serious. >> and if i may, mr. chairman, if i could just take -- >> and senator, if i could make this it the last question. i do not want you to mess up your 30-plus year perfect voting record as a member of congress. >> i cast the 11th largest number of votes out of 10,850 members of the house. so far i'm perfect in the senate. i was not in the house. if we did dramatically increase our military, what would the response be from the saudis, from the iranians, from the russians, from qatar and others? why does that give us a leadership role with them? why doesn't it just lead to an escalation rather than a reconciliation? >> i think the practical problem we face right now, senator, is that people who are syrian nationalists, people who are dedicated to the idea of a non-sectarian government of citizenship in the future are the ones finding themselves squeezed out of the picture as private money from the gulf, plus what ambassador ford described as activitie
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1